With integrated shortener.

This lashing chain has been specially developed for direct lashing. It is equipped with the KSPSWP ratchet binder, which has a very long tension range. This means that sufficient tension is always possible. The shortener is directly connected to the tensioner via a Connex connection. This allows the lashing chain to be shortened particularly briefly. The built-in parallel hook has a safety flap, making it easier to use. A safety chain is offered as an option. They are intended to fix chain tensioners against twisting.

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Tabela de especificações

ZKSPSWP I KHSWP - KHSWP Lashing chain Código CA Capacidade de Amarração
Força de Tensão Padrão (FTP)
Distância de tensão
tamanho da garra g1
Measurement Image ZKSPSWP 7 200 I KHSWP-KHSWP-PSWP 3500 Connex 100 - 181 41 14,8