SPCWI Service pump chain

Use within the pump chain system.

When used with the LCWI, neither a special link nor a master link (AWI) is needed at the end of the pump chain system. When cropping is required, segments can no longer be miscut (please note that this process may be performed by professionals only). In this system, the chain is guided over the usually wider pump handle and a loop is formed using the LCWI, eliminating the need for an oversized and expensive shackle.

SPCWI with special link + shackle
With this pump chain system, a transition link is welded on at the end of the WOX-S chain leg. In this way, the chain leg may be connected to the pump using an SSWI shackle. The WLL tag is attached to the lower end and is undetachable. For professional application WOX-S chain must be used.

Note: Maximum load capacity with special link: 500 kg.

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Tabela de especificações

Código Load capacity hand-operated hoist
Modelo da corrente End link / Shackle Peso
S-PCWI 5x15 500 / 630 WOX-S 5x15 LCWI 5-6 C / Special BWI 5,8 0,59 / 0,64
S-PCWI 6,3x19,5 500 WOX-S 6,3x19,5 Special BWI 5,8 0,88
S-PCWI 7,9x23 1.200 WOX-S 7,9x23 BWI 9-6 1,44