RSPS Load binder G8

O elemento para tensão.

This load binder for two-part lashing chain systems in accordance with EN 12195‑3 is intended for the ZKW lashing chain. It includes a pre-mounted shortening hook including safety catch and, depending on the selected lever length, all sizes are also suitable for frictional lashing (always take the STF value into account!).

As specified in the full operating manual, this load binder is not suitable for lifting or attaching loads. Please also note that, if used with grade 10 lashing chains, the lashing capacity must be assessed in accordance with G8!

Thanks to the pre-mounted shortening hook, the load binder may be positioned anywhere in the ZKW lashing chain. In short, this element is bound to create some tension!

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Tabela de especificações

RSPS Load binder G8 Código CA Capacidade de Amarração
Força de Tensão Padrão (FTP)
length closed L
length open L
Tension distance
Lever length l
Measurement Image RSPS 8 40 1.900 586 731 145 237 12 4,60
RSPS 10 63 1.900 626 771 145 237 15 5,40
RSPS 13 100 3.000 708 853 145 355 19,5 8,00