Eye Grab Hook with Safety Pin PS/S

Shortening hook protected against accidental release of the chain. Reduction of load capacity not required due to 4-fold safety.


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Tabela de especificações

Eye Grab Hook with Safety Pin PS/S Chain
Código e
Working load limit
Measurement Image 7+8 PS/S 7/8 65 42 16 12 9 35 0,37 2.500
10 PS/S 10 77 70 20 14 12 46 0,70 4.000
13 PS/S 13 101 91 26 19 15 60 1,52 6.700
16 PS/S 16 121 113 32 23 19 69 2,90 10.000

Descrição do produto

In addition to the basic eye grab hook P/S, KWB has also developed the eye grab hook with safety pin PS/S for particularly demanding applications. Just like its partner, this high-grade Star Alloy model is suitable for shortening applications and for the formation of loops that are not supposed to tighten, supporting the optimal interplay between chain and hook. Thanks to its integrated safety pin, this grab hook also offers an additional layer of safety, as the accidental unhooking of the chain is prevented. With a 4-fold safety factor, it is not necessary to reduce the load capacity. Safety all round, for optimised processes during every production step.