BDD-S Bucket attachments

Bucket attachment suitable for HV- and DS- round steel chains with chain sprockets RHV and plain segmented chain wheels, suitable for back mounted buckets, simple assembly and disassembly on the chain, pre-assembled bucket attachment BDD-S ready for the ins-tallation on the chain, no additional connecting screw – self locking, two identical halves, complete forged incl. the bolts and highly wear resistant hardened at the chain contact areas. Mounting dimensions of the BDD-S attachment correspond to the standard shackles, existing chain end and shackle system can be converted.

The same buckets and chain wheels can usually be used.

Higher service safety because the BDD-S attachment don’t have to transmit any chain pull.

Surface finish: natural black and waxed

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Tabela de especificações

Código corrente d x t
BDD-S 22x86 22 x 86 91 24 55 60 2,60
BDD-S 26x100 26 x 100 105 24 55 71 4,10
BDD-S 30x120 30 x 120 126 30 65 84 7,00
BDD-S 34x136 34 x 136 147 36 75 96 9,00